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Loyality Vouchers are a Highly Affordable Voucher System

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How Loyality Vouchers Work

Loyality's voucher system is our solution to selling vouchers on the internet. We've designed Loyality's voucher system to be much more forgiving then other voucher systems.

With the voucher platforms of our competitors you really have to plan your promotions because first they recommend you give a 50% discount. Then they ask for a commission on top of it. If you don't plan out the use of your vouchers very carefully you could wind up losing alot of money.

Voucher Pricing

The pricing scheme of loyality is much more flexible then other companies. First you set whatever price you would like for your vouchers. We charge a per voucher fee. That fee goes down based on the quantity of vouchers you purchase. We charge a 9% commission for anything sold inside the app. However, you can also sell the vouchers in your store and incure no additional commission at all.

Promotional Vouchers

Loyality provides two types of vouchers to our customers. You use each type depending on what type of promotion you wish to run. The first type is the standard voucher that you see for sale as we discussed above. The second type is promotional vouchers. Promotional vouchers are used in promotional campaigns or giveaways.

Loyality tracks the two different types of vouchers differently from each other. This allows you to ensure that you have enough vouchers to complete the promotional campaigns without eating into a block of vouchers you may have up for sale.