Use vouchers as a powerful tool to attract and retain customers

One of the most versatile ways to promote your business is by using Vouchers. Here is how to get the most out of them.

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Vouchers are one of the most versatile tools in business however, modern voucher providers have been very limited in how they can be used

Over the years several companies have provided vouchers as ways to give deals to people. This, however, is not the only way to use vouchers.

Daily deals are great but what if you need a voucher for something else?

Vouchers are one of the most versatile ways for promoting your business. They can be used to provide:

  • Daily Deals
  • Coupons
  • Event Tickets
  • Gift Certificates
  • Travel tickets

The nature of vouchers make them useful for things other than giving people a discount.

And given the many uses for vouchers companies really need more flexibility in how they use them.

For instance your not going to discount a ticket to a rock concert by 50%.

If your employing a voucher system you really need to know what you can do with it. What sort of limits can you put on the voucher system so that you don't get over extended.

Retailers who have vouchers are eight times more likely to gain a sale

A customer holding a voucher is more likely to take advantage of a deal and vouchers with time constraints are encouraged to buy right away.

Better yet if you constrain a voucher to be redeemed at a certain time you can usually increase foot traffic into your establishment when times are slow.

You will know which products and services sell

Because vouchers work particularly well for selling specific products. And the fact that those vouchers are trackable it lets you determine which product sells the best based on the voucher. By contrast you'll be able to tell which product sells worse.

What if your customer is buying a gift certificate? Don't your customer want it to look nice?

Gift certificates are usually given to a friend or loved one. A person giving a gift certificate is going to want something that looks nice to impress the person they are giving it to. Needless to say your typical plain Jane voucher you get on your average website is not going to cut it.

Loyality provides an excellent editor for designing vouchers so that you can make them look really nice.

Merchant Portal

Loyality Merchant Portal has everything you need to process your vouchers at the cash register.


We've provided a powerful api so that you can integrate Loyality with your website or POS System.

User your Vouchers to open up Communications with your customers

Find out how you can use your customers Voucher to open up a communications channel where you can send them event and promotional information