Why Loyality Chose Stripe for Payment Proccessing

Choosing the right payment processor for your business can have profound impact on your businesses success. Some payment processors are fast for getting your setup while others take months. Some payment processors let you create marketplaces where a you can be paid right away when your customer buys. Others, don't allow you to create such business relationships.

Our primary reason for using stripe was how quickly and easily we could get you on-boarded so that you can start enjoying the benefits of loyality right away.

Stripe provides our customers with an extremely easy setup process for payment processing. They have a service called stripe connect that lets merchants get setup in minutes. It also allows our merchants to get paid right away.

The advantage that stripe gives us in providing a superior customer experience cannot be understated. In the case of some of stripes competitors it can take as long as a month for them to setup a merchant account for you.

A month is a painfully long time to wait just for a payment processor account

To Avoid such long wait times we chose to use stripe on our platform.

When you sell gift cards and vouchers through the app we charge a 9% commission because the sale happens through the Loyality system. The in app purchases is the easiest way to sell gift cards on the Loyality system.

However, just because we use stripe for payment processing in the app and on the merchant portal, it doesn't mean that you have to use it on your website. Loyality also has a POS And Website api where you can use our system issue gift cards and vouchers but the payment processing ends up happening on your website. This takes a bit more setup and technical know how.

We just want you to be satisfied using our system and get the most out of it.

Manage Your Customer Relationships Merchant Portal

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