Before phones and the Internet, all communication was face-to-face. Now, most of it is digital, via emails, social media, and messaging services

Today, brands must be careful in their choice of social media to communicate their promotional messaging. Social media can be a very hostile place for brands to communicate and doesn't always yield results. Here is how to leverage mobile messaging so that you can ensure that your customers have a positive experience and bring more people into your establishment.

Are the recipients of your messaging really interested in what you offer?

Knowing that your recipients are receptive to your promotional messaging is one of the most challenging things for marketers. You can figure out if some people are interested with social media by getting followers on various platforms. Not everyone however.

What if your customer isn't following you on social media but they have a gift card, voucher, or are subscribed to your loyalty program? Wouldn't they be interested in seeing what you are offering too?

Why not offer your customers special deals that get them coming back to your store?

After all, they already know where you are. They've also shown an interest in your company by buying a gift card or vouchers. They have signed up to your loyalty program.

Statistically you can expect your message to reach about 2% to 3% of your audience on Social Media.

So its pretty critical that on Social Media you make your promotions as effective as possible. Giving incentives are by far the best way to get your customers to come to your establishment. So why not offer a promotional voucher or a promotional gift card attached to your messaging to entice your customers to come in.

With the development of Loyality you can now add gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs into an app so that your customers can carry them everywhere they go. The app will not only store your vouchers, gift cards and loyalty programs it will also provide you with the ability to talk to your customers through a news feed and push notifications.

Don't over do it with the messaging.

Messaging is a great way to get in touch with your customers, however, you can over do it. You customers can get tired of too many messages through push notifications so its best to limit the number of times a week you send them out. If you send messages numerous times a day your customers will probably start to get irritated and shut off push notifications from the app. So its best not to over do the messaging. Once or twice a week is enough.

Messaging is awesome for getting quick results.

Be it push notifications or sms messaging it is the fastest way to get in touch with you customers. 90% of people receiving mobile messages open those messages within 3 minutes of receiving them. That means if you have a strong incentive to visit your business attached to that message there is literally no better way to get customers to visit your business.

Offer incentives in your promotional messaging

Promotional messaging is more then letting people know you exist. You want to give people a reason to come into your establishment. One of the best ways to give people a reason is to offer them incentives. We see this when we get flyers in the mail. Stores put select products on sale in their store. Or they offer special deals like buy one get one free. All in the hope of getting a new customer to to their establishment.

Give out promotional vouchers to get people to try your products or services

Having a system that you can send out promotional vouchers to your customers is a very useful tool for getting customers into your business.

Promotional vouchers allows your customers to try out your products and services at a reduced cost and see if they like them.

The best coupon systems and voucher systems are ones where you can track your customers and see how much traffic a specific promotion brings in. Most online coupon systems just track how many have been redeemed. However, you really want to know how many have been issued so that you can determine how successful your campaign is.

Promotional vouchers can be used as a coupon to give people a discount on an item to entice them to buy.

Having a voucher system that can send out voucher promotions through a push notification, or social media becomes an excellent way to drive more business to your company. This allows you to derive much more value from your marketing channels.

Give out promotional gift cards

Not many items these days can be purchased for $5. So if your give people a $5 gift card to your customers to spend in your establishment. Chances are they will come in and spend more money. This simplifies your marketing as you then don't have to ensure you have enough of a specific item to ensure that there is enough to meet any additional demand you may have.

E-gift cards are a new way to provide gift cards to customers. So delivering promotional gift cards as an E-Gift card means that the gift card can be delivered to your customers immediately when they enter their email address into the promotional campaign form. The promotional campaign can be sent as a link through the message through an app or through social media.

Manage Your Customer Relationships Merchant Portal

Loyality Merchant Portal has everything you need to manage your profile and serve your customers at the cash register.

Integrate With your Website or your POS System Using the API

We've provided a powerful api so that you can integrate Loyality with your website or POS System.

Setup a stripe account to sell more gift cards and vouchers

Loyality provides the ability to setup a stripe account so that you can take payments inside the app. You can setup your stripe account inside the merchant portal by visiting the settings page.