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Loyality's in app messaging or news feed feature is primarily designed to allow you to message people who already have a gift card, voucher, or loyalty program so that you can offer them deals. The idea is to create a system that you know the customers would be most likely to buy because they have before. Inside the app any customer that is holding one of your promotional products will get the message.

This is very useful when sending out special offers to help keep those customers that subscribe to one of your products coming back to your establishment.

Push Notifications

The loyality app can receive push notifications as wel as the in app messaging listed above. Push notifications are only sent to the people who have one of your promotional products stored in their app. This is to prevent annoying your customers with a tone of advertising messages on their phone. The push notification feature however, can be shut off by the customer inside the app. The customer however, will still receive the messages inside their news feed. Used sparingly and with attractive offers this feature is a powerful way to alert customers to new deals in your establishment.

Social Media Messaging

Messages in the loyality app can be pushed out to social media where they can reach a wider audience. This allows you go push out consistent messaging between the loyality app and your social media accounts.

Attach Loyality Products to your Messages

One of the most innovative features in loyality is the ability to attach E-gift cards and vouchers to to your messaging campaigns. This allows you to offer incentives to your customers through the messaging system to return to your establishment.

Send Promotional Vouchers

Promotional vouchers can be purchased in the loyality platform and sent out through the messaging system. This allows you to offer incentives to customers to come in to your establishment. Promotional vouchers allow you to control how many promotional vouchers you give out. You decide what your giving out and how much its worth. The promotional voucher can also have an expiry date on it so that you can offer a limited time offer to your customers.

Send Promotional Gift Cards

Like promotional vouchers promotional gift cards can also be attached to your mobile messages. How this works is you attach a promotional gift card campaign and assign how much the promotional card will be loaded with.