Vouchers are single use offerings that are provided to promote a specific item or event. The way it works differs very greatly to a gift card. The way the system handles vouchers is very different as well. Vouchers unlike gift cards when sent by email is recieved with a PDF containing a voucher that can be printed out. They do not need to be put into the app as they can be printed out. However, the vouchers on this platform also comes with a link that can be clicked on to be inserted into the app.

Types of Vouchers

There are two types of vouchers:

  1. Regular Vouchers - Customer normally pays for these and show up in the app
  2. Promotional Vouchers - Can be sent out via a promotional campaign in messaging and sent out by merchant as well

Regular Vouchers

Normal vouchers are chosen so that the customer buy the voucher from the app and are automatically listed there. They can also be issued in the merchant portal. Regular vouchers do not have an expiry as they are usually purchased and expiring purchased items for redemption at a later date is prohibited in some jurisdictions.

Promotional Vouchers

Promotional vouchers are not listed in the app. Instead they can be offered for free through the messaging system as part of a promotion. They can also be issued through the merchant portal. They can have an expiry date. Please know the laws in your area as these services have been subject to regulation in recent years.


All vouchers in this system need a template designed for them using our template editor. Please look at the template editor section for more information on Voucher Templates.

Unlike gift cards the voucher template must be decided on when you purchase the voucher block. This way all vouchers from that same block will always look the same.

What if the customer wants the App

The links that get sent to the customer via email or SMS for a vouchers is a smart links. those links will detect if the customer has the app on their mobile devices. If not it will send the customer to the download page for that specific mobile device. You should never have to worry about your customers not knowing where to get the app to download with this system.

This system can also handle a company that is registered to multiple apps. And can handle multple apps. It will give you a choice as to which app you want to add the gift card to. Please note however we can only do this with apps that are owned by us and work with our system not with other companies apps.

QR Code Reader in the App

Vouchers generated by this system can always be read into the app without using the link in the email. Instead you can actually use the QR code scanner to scan the voucher into the Loyality app.