Usage of the Switch Cashiers Features

When using the merchant portal loging out and logging back in could take a bit if there is heavy internet traffic. It is time consuming to type in an email address and then a password. Sometimes cashiers are extremely time constrained. They just don't have the time to do all that. They just want to get in do their transaction and get out.

We added the switch cashier feature specifically for this reason. While you still your staff still needs to log in to identify their location. Identifying a different cashier is fast and simple. They just type in a cashier number into the switch cashier box in the dash board and then click switch. The merchant portal will now do transactions as that cashier

As such cashier reports will then be generated for that specific cashier. The location reports will break the transactions based on the cashier no. And as a result you can track what your cashiers are doing. Compair the transactions in the system with what their till says.

What do we enter for the cashier no?

The cashier number is a text field. You can put any text that identifies an individual. There is a maximum length of 45 characters just to keep the database field. The cashier no should however, be unique to the location. That way locations can track their staff.