Points Account

The customer can add a points account to their app right from within the app. So once they have the app on the phone they can add it in. The other option is that if the customer doesn't know where to download the app you can send them a link to add a points account into their app.

Eventually we will be building the capability to print out a points account on a physical piece of paper. And the app can already add the points account to the app by reading a qr code. But for now the auto points account add feature and adding an account to the app using a link will to suffice to serve most users needs.

What if the customer doesn't have the App

The link that get sent to the customer via email or SMS for a points accounts are smart links. those links will detect if the customer has the app on their mobile devices. If not it will send the customer to the download page for that specific mobile device. You should never have to worry about your customers not knowing where to get the app to download with this system.

This system can also handle a company that is registered to multiple apps. And can handle multple apps. It will give you a choice as to which app you want to add the points account to. Please note however we can only do this with apps that are owned by us and work with our system not with other companies apps.

Searching for a Points Account

Searching for a rewards account usually requires reading the QR code the app with the merchant portal QR code reader. Once you found the account you will have some basic account information and there you can credit and redeam points.

Awarding Points

To award points the cashier needs to enter in the amount of the purchase into the points screen. The system will calculate 10 points per dollar spent. This is based on the average amount of points awarded in most loyalty programs that are out there. So it seems like a good rule of thumb.


You can redeam points by clicking redeam and then typing the number of points that you wish to redeam into the redeam screen. It will subtract the points from the account.

Please Note: We do not provide a rewards program. What we offer is a way to track the points but you will need to provide a rewards structure for your customers and staff. That way you can use your rewards program to drive more customers into your store.