Mobile Messaging Services

The purpose of the our mobile messaging service is to allow our merchants to send messages to their customers. This system is a little different because the messages only go to those who own a gift card, voucher, have a loyalty points account, or has a loyalty card.

The idea is the customers who have done business with you before are more likely to want to do business again. Especially if they have a loyalty program. This messaging gets them coming in again. It does this by allowing you to offer a very powerful incentive, Promotional gift cards and promotional vouchers. You don't have to offer your customers a gift card or voucher to talk to them. But the option is there if you want it.


Our system allows you to schedule messages to your customers. This is very handy because you don't want to be sitting there at various times of the day and crafting a message. This allows you to plan your marketing strategy and then delivers the messages on a specific day.

Types of Messages

The types of messages that you can send include. In-app notificatoins, push notifications, and social media messaging provided that the social media site allows us to post messages. Our goal is to get support for all the major social media sites as they are disposed to give us access. If a specific social media site is not available it is because they didn't allow us to place them in the network for one reason or another. But we will keep trying.


Loyalities messaging service is a paid service through a subscription. Why a paid service for messaging well first this service allows you to send direct messages to multiple people through the push notification service. We need to control how many people have access to the push services so as to not irritate people with constant messages. After all it does you know good if the customer decides to turn off the messaging service because they are getting too many messages.

Why do messages only go to your established customers?

The purpose of this is due to the shear size of the network we wish to build. We want this to be a truely global network. So if your customers are recieving deals from businesses all over the world. It creates too much noise and it would defeat the purpose of the messaging system. Like this we know that your customers will want messages from you. This helps you bring repeat customers back into your establishment.