Loyalty Stamp Cards

The customer can automatically add a loyalty stamp card to their app by searching for a company that has subscribed to the loyalty stamp card program and tapping the add stamp card button on the company directory screen. The customer can also add the stamp card by clicking on the link in an email sent by the merchant. Stamp cards can also be added to the app by using The QR Code reader built in the app for stamp card provided the stamp card hasn't already been added to the app.

What if the customer doesn't have the App?

The link that gets sent to the customer via email or SMS for a points accounts are smart links. those links will detect if the customer has the app on their mobile devices. If not it will send the customer to the download page for that specific mobile device. You should never have to worry about your customers not knowing where to get the app to download with this system.

This system can also handle a company that is registered to multiple apps. And can handle multple apps. It will give you a choice as to which app you want to add the points account to. Please note however we can only do this with apps that are owned by us and work with our system not with other companies apps.

Stamping a Stamp Card

You can stamp a stamp card by first searching for it using the QR code or stamp card id. Then clicking the stamp button. A stamp will show up on your display.

Redeaming a stamp card

Once the stamp card is full the merchant portal and the app will indicate that the stamp card is full. You will then be able to click on the redeam button on the stamp card information screen.

Loyalty Card Services

This loyalty program is a subscription based service. It is available so long as your subscription hasn't expired. There is no rewards system build into this system. So you will need to give people some indication as to what they get for completing a card. But this is an excellent way to have customers come back to your store if they know they get a reward after a certain number of visits.