Merchant Portal Gift Card Help

Before we talk about the gift card mechanism it is highly recommended that you go through the setup tutorial, the setup for payment processing tutorial and the template editor tutorial. Gift cards use all these items and this will get you up and running quickly with the least amount difficulty.

Different Types of Gift Cards for Differnt Purposes

One of the most differentiating features with this platform is the ability to utilize different gift card types for different purposes. These different gift card types allows you to engage with your customer in different ways as they are all treaded differently by the system. We will discuss the three types of gift cards in the following sections. The three types are as follows:

Standard Gift Cards

As we mentioned before the standard gift card is the pool of cards that the system pulls from to meet your online sales purposes. These cards have no predefined template or design. You must indicate which template you want at the time you issue them to the customer. They are sold inside the app and can be issued from the merchant portal if the Cashier asks for an email address or a mobile phone number.

To get a standard gift cards you purchase them by the block. We sell various package sizes that vary in price depending on how many you buy.

Because standard gift cards are sold inside the app or issued usually because they've been purchased, there is no expiry date on them.

Promotional Gift Cards

The system supports a type of gift card called a promotional gift card. This is a gift card specifically for, you guessed it, promotional purposes. Its the equivalent of giving a person a deal so that they come to your store. Promotional gift cards can have an expiry date so that you can create a sense of urgency.

In some jurisdictions, like Canada, selling gift cards with expiry dates isn't allowed due to the fact that money doesn't have an expiry date. Which is why we don't allow you to sell gift cards with expiry dates for this purpose. We also separate the issuance statistics between standard gift cards and promotioal gift cards to ensure that you can treat promotional gift cards as an advertising expense instead of a liability.

Promotional gift cards cannot be issued like regular gift cards in the merchant portal. They must be attached to a gift card campaign and sent out as part of a message in the messaging system. So you will need a messaging subscription for a mobile messaging system to take advantage of this feature.

Physical Gift Cards

Physical gift cards are in many ways like standard gift cards. They are treated the same way. The difference between physical and standard is that the the physical gift cards are, well, physical. When you purchase the gift card block you choose a design for the physical cards. The purchase process is a little different when you purchase the card.

Once you've purchased the physical cards we send them to our printers to have them printed out and the printer ships them directly to you. Most orders usually take the printers between 3 - 5 business days to be filled and then its whatever the amount of time for them to arrive at your business. The cards are sent to your main address so please ensure that you companies main address is correct in the system.

Activating physical cards are a little different. There is a special option that comes up when you search for an empty physical card. You will then be able to select the denomination to activate the card with.

Physical gift cards can be loaded into the app using the QR Code reader built into the loyality app. This makes it easier for customers to manage them once they get them.

What if the customer doesn't have the App

The link that get sent to the customer via email or SMS for a gift card are smart links. those links will detect if the customer has the app on their mobile devices. If not it will send the customer to the download page for that specific mobile device. You should never have to worry about your customers not knowing where to get the app to download with this system.

This system can also handle a company that is registered to multiple apps. And can handle multple apps. It will give you a choice as to which app you want to add the gift card to. Please note however we can only do this with apps that are owned by us and work with our system not with other companies apps.