Template Editor

The template editor is meant to create new gift card and voucher designs so that you can send to your customers. A template is required so that you can sell either a gift card or a voucher. So you or your graphics artist will need to become familiar with it. It is however a service that is only available to the account administrator for security reasons. So sub accounts will not be able to access it.

There are two different types of vouchers that you can create with the template editor. One type is for vouchers and one type is for gift cards. Each template type has different requirements and are of different sizes.

Gift Card Templates

The purpose of the gift card template is just to give the gift cards a nice design. The image you create here will show up in the app if the template is selected when the customer buys a gift card. You can also assign this template to any promotional campaigns.

A gift card template creates a vector image that is 3inches x 2inches. As such the image is set to a proper gift card size. Obviously the image gets scaled when it is in the app. But when generating a physical gift card. The image is a standard credit card size.

Gift card templates do not have any special requirements other then the size. All the functionality to make the gift card work is on the back. So you can go crazy and create any design you want.

Voucher Templates

Voucher templates have certain requirements due to the fact that they are usually one sided. You can still provide a pretty creative design for vouchers. However, they require a QR code and a CCV element at the least. QR Codes and CCV elements are the bare minimum requirement to make a voucher template work in the system. You can also provide a description as the description tag will take the voucher description in the system and place it on the voucher.

The Template Editor

The template editor provides a very rich tool to design your vouchers and gift cards. We recommend you take the time to lookat how this tool can help your brand and your company. We know it will let you improve your customer experience.