; Loyality, Setup Payment processing so that you can sell items inside the app

Setting Up Payment Processing

The settings screen allows you to setup images and payment processing.

If your planning on selling gift cards or vouchers through our platform then you will need to setup a payment processing account. Fortunately this is very easy. We use stripe for our payment processor because it is easy to setup an account.

To setup a stripe account for use in our platform all you need to do is click on the add stripe account button in the settings screen. It will then take you to a form on the stripe website that you enter to setup the account. You will need bank information as the stripe account will directly send money to your account when you sell a gift card or voucher.

settings screen. shows the button for setting up a stripe account.

None of the information you provide to stripe ever touches our servers. Its between you and stripe. Nor does the information your customers provide on our apps payment page. Credit card information is sent directly to stripe.

The stripe setup process shouldn't take very long however and stripe does require banking information so that they can deposit your money into your account. Usually the setup process takes several minutes. Once it is setup and your bank account is verified you can now recieve money from the sale of gift cards and vouchers from this system.

Please note there are charges that get charged for selling in the app.

It is not required to sell gift cards in the app. You can process transactions including issuing gift cards through the merchant portal without using the systems payment processor. However, if you do decide to sell gift cards in the app there is an 8% charge tagged on as a commission to any transaction in the app. Your customers can still use the app as a wallet and a directory to look up your company.

Using loyality without a payment processor

If you don't feel comfortable using loyality with the stripe payment processor thats ok too. You don't have to use it. However, you just won't be able to sell gift cards and vouchers inside the app. The system was designed to be flexible and can send gift cards and vouchers through the merchant portal. Setting up a payment processor is not required to use the system and you can pretty much get full use of the system without it. The app will still function as a wallet for your customers and a news feed.