Getting Started Guide

If you are new to Loyality then you are probably wondering how to get yourself up and running. If you haven't registered already then I suggest to please do so now as this is the first step although not the only step to getting going.

Once you've filled out the registration form on the registration screen and then chosen a password you can now log into the system with your contact email and password to continue to setup your account. Registration just provides some contact information so that we can contact you to deal with any issues that may arise. The address information should be the address of your head office. All fields are required on the registration form.

Navigation in the Loyality Platform

The following is a demonstration on how navigation works in the merchant portal. Depending on if your in an administrator account or a staff account you will get different options. But navigation works the same on both.

Creating a location

Loyality creating a location to list in app.

Once your account is created the first thing we need to do is get you listed in the app. The app will not list you unless you have a location listed as a place that customers can find so that they can redeam their vouchers, loyalty programs, and gift cards.

You create a location by navigating into the create location screen and filling in the form. Please note again you will need to provide a complete address and contact information for the location including phone number and email address as the app has functionality to allow customers to phone and email your location.

Once the location is created the app will be listed in the loyality app so that your customers can find you. You will need to create the location before you can create a sub user account for processing of customer information. Even if you have only one location. You still need to create a location.

Creating a user account.

Manage users.

The account you received when you first signed up for this platform is an adminstrative account. It is used for managing overall account information and settings. It is not meant for processing transactions. To start processing transactions you will need to create a sub account. You can do this through the administrative account. You must have at least one sub-account per location to process transactions.

Adjust Settings (Optional)

The next thing that you will probably want to do is add your company branding so that your customers know who they are dealing with. You do this by going into the settings screen and uploading a logo and an icon. The logo will show up in the app to indicate where that item comes from. The icon is for the map to indicate where your business is located.

This concludes the initial requirements for setting up your account. Please look at the other sections to help you get going.