Hardware Requirements for Loyality.app

This website uses QR codes to handle most of the activities. As a result the system requires some sort of device that can read QR codes. This could be a webcam, a barcode scanner that reads QR codes, or even a mobile device. We will talk about each device type in more detail.

Web Cams

The system currently supports the use of webcam QR code reading through the graphical user interface. This has been tested and will even support multiple cameras plugged into a computer. There is a button on each of the search screen that says Scan QR. This will open up the dialog to read QR codes. This is by far the least expensive option if you have a PC based POS system and it works particularly well. Any webcam will do. Even the camera built into most laptops.

Barcode Scanners

Another way to read the QR codes is to use a barcode scanner. There are only certain bar code scanners that can read QR Codes. If you feel you need a bar code scanner then you will have to find one that reads QR Codes as well.

Most scanners use something called a keyboard wedge that allow them to act like a keyboard on a computer. So just placing the cursor into the search box and then scanning the QR code will allow the QR code your reading to be entered into the merchant portal.

Mobile Devices

The QR reader works on Android and Apple mobile devices although not perfectly. We will be creating a mobile to work better on these devices. On android the QR reader seems to work without a hitch except for the refresh speed seems to be a little slow.

On IOS however, there is a different issue. This is due to some issue with IOS browsers. First we often need to close the browser and reopen it because the camera crashes and the only way to restart it is by restarting the browser when this happens. To start the camera read I've also found that we have to swipe up and then click the play button on the bottom menu. The media stream does not start without starting the media player. So the instructions are:

  1. Tap the read QR button.
  2. swipe from the bottom of the screen up to get the bottom menu with the WIFI and media player.
  3. Tap the play button.