The Merchant Portal is an easy, fast
and convenient way to work with your promotional
products and improve your customers experiences

The Merchant Portal lets you access and administer your online services easily with minimal setup and maintenance. Here is how to use the merchant portal to help your businesses customer experience using your gift cards, vouchers, and loyalty programs.

Use the web portal to manage your companies branding inside the Loyality App

When you choose to use a technology the opportunity to apply your own branding will help people identify you on the platform. In fact why even use a platform if it doesn't provide at least some capacity to identify you to your customers who they are dealing with.

If you have a stamp card based loyalty program, for instance, Loyality lets you upload a custom stamp design for your loyalty cards.

Branding is more then just providing a place to upload your logo and this is the reason that Loyality offers you the ability to customize things as much as possible inside the app.

Use the template Editor to design gift card and voucher templates for the app or when you order physical cards

By having the ability to provide your own designs, Your company can use gift cards and vouchers to really promote your business.

Businesses like yours need to really put their best foot forward and you can't do it without having some control over how your products look.

You could for instance create new gift card designs for the following purposes:

  • Create unique gift card designs for specific holidays
  • Create different gift card designs for physical gift cards with different denominations
  • Create voucher designs with a really nice image of the item that voucher is for.

Use the web portal to manage and provide services for different locations

When you have multiple locations in your business you need to provide gift card, voucher and loyalty program information and functionality at each of your locations. A high quality platform will to track which location the transaction happened at and who at that location created the transaction.

You will want to balance the books internally between locations. Utilizing the merchant portal can provide a user interface that everyone in an organization uses and lets you determine:

  • which locations sold the most
  • which locations redeemed gift cards or vouchers
  • which issued or redeemed the most loyalty rewards

The information provided by the merchant portal will let you determine what promotions to run at which locations so that you can drive more traffic to your establishment.

Use the merchant portal to allow you to administer your staffs user accounts and track the transactions they perform.

Because the merchant portal is designed for you to use in your day to day business operations it lets you create user accounts so that your staff can log in. Staff accounts won't have all the functionality of your organization available to them. There are access levels built into it. Your cashier for instance won't be able to change your branding or upload new designs for loyalty cards or vouchers. And they won't have the ability to create new user accounts.

Functionality for the merchant portal is broken up into two different roles:

  • the administrator role
  • the staff role
Administrator Role

The administrator role as the name suggests has access to administrator functionality. The administrator can using the merchant portal:

  • adjust branding
  • create user account
  • look at organizational reports
  • subscribe to services or purchase voucher blocks or gift cards,
  • create voucher and gift card designs
  • Send out promotional messaging
Staff Role

The merchant portal provides your staff with the ability to do their job effectively and efficiently. The user interface allows them to navigate quickly to the specific functionality that they need without having to navigate endless menus and little features that you never use. Functionality for this staff role includes:

  • Issue, credit and debit both physical and e-gift cards
  • Issue, and redeem vouchers
  • Issue, credit, debit and redeem loyalty points
  • Issue, stamp, and redeem loyalty stamp cards

Staff user accounts are also be tied to a specific location that they work at. This lets you automatically track where a transaction was performed without having to enter in the location every single time.

In a retail setting having a fast switch cashier feature is necessary for you to serve your customers faster

Some small merchants only have one computer terminal to handle things like loyalty programs at the counter. For them its too expensive to integrate a system like loyality into their POS system. So the solution is have a shared computer at the counter and then each cashier identifies themselves usually by logging in. However, that is kind of slow when a cashier has a large line up in front of them.

To help cashiers process Loyality transactions quickly and eliminate the need to log out and log back into the merchant portal we built a fast switch capability.

Cashiers can now enter in their identifier right in the dash board before they perform an action in the merchant portal.

Use the merchant portal to check your companies progress

Knowing that your promotional products are working is vital when you are a retailer. Having reports for you to use to track your promotions can make all the difference between doing something that is highly effective or having to go back and rethink your strategy.

The Merchant Web portal generates real time reports so that you know exactly what is going on.

Those reports will allow you to focus in and find out exactly how your company is doing. If you need to tweak your promotions you will have the information you need to figure out a course of action to get things going again.

Use the merchant portal to process transactions

Web technology has come a long way in recent years. It wasn't long ago when if we wanted to scan gift cards, vouchers, or loyalty programs we had to have special software on our POS system to actually interface with the special hardware to perform the scan. Often the software or the equipment would break down causing a massive inconvenience for everyone.

Today virtually all the processing of transactions for gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs can be done on the web.

Gift cards, loyalty programs and vouchers all have a one thing in common. They all need to be tracked and processed. They all need some sort of technology to conduct that processing. The newest web technologies provide the ability to read the camera on a computer or mobile device and, by extension, can read QR codes though the camera as well. This opens up a whole new world as to what the web can do.

The merchant portal can easly employ the use of a bar code scanner without the need for special software to be installed.

Often the web based scanner will work far better than devices like laser bar code scanners. However, bar code scanners are also more reliable. as they are optical and utilize a keyboard wedge that makes the device act like a keyboard. This means web based platforms like the Loyality merchant portal have many options in terms of what hardware you use in your business.

The merchant portal was built to provide all the functionality involved in processing gift cards, vouchers, and loyalty programs.

No need to install special software on your computer. You could just subscribe to the service and star using it right away. Buy gift cards and just use them. There is no transaction fees for using credit card readers, special hardware or the need to pay to connect to the visa network.

Use the merchant portal to provide a friendlier customer experience

One of the primary benefits of loyalty programs is that people give you some information about them. When they visit your establishment you can look that information up. For instance you can look up their name. But what about gift cards. Plastic gift cards don't give you that option but what if your customer adds their gift card to the app. Automatically you will have access to their name if you have the right gift card, voucher or loyalty system.

Loyality's merchant portal is an excellent solution for getting your gift card, voucher, or loyalty program system up and running quickly.

If a platform that will get you going right away is important to you then Loyality is right for you. Click the signup button and sign up to get going with Loyality right away.

Integrate With your Website or your POS System Using the API

We've provided a powerful api so that you can integrate Loyality with your website or POS System.

Use the Loyality app to open up Communications with your customers

Find out how you can use your customers gift cards to open up a communications channel where you can send them event and promotional information

Setup a stripe account to sell more gift cards and vouchers

Loyality provides the ability to setup a stripe account so that you can take payments inside the app. You can setup your stripe account inside the merchant portal by visiting the settings page.