Loyality Merchant Portal

Manage Your Gift Cards, Vouchers, Loyalty Programs, and Send Promotional Messaging

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Administrative Features

Think of the Administration account in the Loyality merchant portal like a cockpit in an air plane. It can control the direction your going and how fast you you get there. It all depends on the inputs you give it. To get your orgnaization to where you want it to go we've provided many features that will help you get there. Those features include:

  • Design gift cards and voucher design with the Template Editor s
  • Inform your customers of promotions and deals with Mobile Messaging system
  • Create promotional gift card campaigns
  • Create promotional voucher campaigns.
  • Display progress reports for your services
  • Display's Reconciliation reports to balance gift card usage between locations.
  • Provides a Settings manager to help set organization branding
  • Fast and easy setup for payment processing for sales in app
  • Manage business locations using location management features
  • Order core services; Gift cards, vouchers, loyalty program subscriptions, messaging subscription
  • Order physical gift cards.
  • Manage user accounts for organizations Staff

Location and Cashier Features

The loyality Location and Cashier features provides the core functionality of the Loyality system to your staff. Here you can, right from the counter or your place of business, use the following functionality:

  • Track cashier transactions
  • Switch cashiers, so you don't have to keep logging in and out
  • Issue E-Gift Cards
  • Activate Physical Gift Cards
  • Issue Vouchers
  • Send Customers loyalty account or cards via emails and sms message
  • Process gift card transactions
  • Redeam vouchers
  • Stamp loyalty cards
  • Apply loyalty points
  • Cash out reports
  • Location reports


We've taken great care to provide a safe and secure platform for you to conduct your business. We are committed to offering a software platform that either meets or exceeds what is necessary for payment card industry compliance. Here is what we have done to keep you secure:

  • Comodo ev ssl certificate is used to secure our entire system.
  • No credit card information exists on our servers this information is sent directly to our payment processor when you make a transaction.
  • Gift card, voucher and loyalty programs use a unique identifier for each item. The odds of guessing any of these unique identifiers is 1 trillion to 1.
  • Gift cards and vouchers require a ccv number to redeem.
  • Gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs can only be stored in one app at a time.
  • Links to add gift cards and vouchers to the app are deactivated once they are used to add the gift card to the app.
  • Our system tracks transactions made on gift cards where you know where the transaction was made and by who.
  • We have a backup system to backup our entire system including your information.


We have numerous vectors by which we can scale our systems. Loyality was designed with scalability in mind and is designed so that we can add resources when needed easily and quickly. We can increase the size of our servers and even add servers easily to deal with load balancing increase redundancy.

The system has features to help you scale your business as well. We provide reports to help you track multiple locations with multiple cashiers.