Keep them coming back with a Loyality Program

Loyalty programs will help you bring your customers back... But there are certain things you must do to make sure you get that repeat traffic.

Brand your loyalty program for your business

The purpose of your loyalty program is to get a customer to be loyal to your business not to pass around loyalty points like a currency. Group loyalty programs are out to do one thing, promote group loyalty programs not your business.

There is a perception amongst some businesses that loyalty programs are a cost, but in reality they are an investment.

If your not offering rewards for being a loyal customer then those customers will still be a loyal customer, to someone else. The free item you offer gives your customer an extra reason to come back and spend more money in your business.

Businesses often forget that the purpose of a Loyalty program is to promote their own business and to get customers to come back to their establishment.

Thats why a loyalty program should be branded to your business. This is the reason why the Loyality platform is structured the way it is. Yes, the app is branded as Loyality, but you can have your own branded loyalty program right inside the loyality app and still have all the benefits of a shared loyalty program.

Keep it Simple

If you make your loyalty program or the rewards too difficult to understand there is a chance your customers will look at it with glazed eyes and later forget about the fact you even have a loyalty program.

You also want to make it easy for your customers to track the points or stamps.

Keep it simple and your customers will be more likely to take advantage of it and visit you more often.

Create challenging but achievable rewards

You don't want to make it too easy for your customers because then you will needlessly be dishing out tons of product and waisting your money. But you do want to make the rewards achievable. If you make it too hard for your customers they will just stop collecting the loyalty points or stamps.

There is a fine balance that needs to be struck to keeping your customers engaged and maximizing your profits.

Offer more points in your promotions

Offering double your points deals can often get customers to come in on days that it is typically slow or when you would like to generate more business.

Offer gift cards or vouchers as a reward

Offering a free gift card or a voucher as a reward is an excellent way to get customers to come back to your store. This way they don't have to make a decision on the item they want to buy. The customer may buy more than the value of a gift card which means you will still make some money off of the customers reward.

Have a Loyalty system that employs a mobile app.

If your Loyalty system doesn't use a mobile app then its much more difficult for your customers to check their points. It means your cashier may have to do it when the customer calls in or that you may have to hire someone to do it. In any case it can cost you time.

Having an app allows your customers to check their points in real time.

Whether a loyalty program is electronic or not can have an effect on how people perceive your company. Generally a company with an electronic based loyalty system is perceived to be more modern and progressive.

Your loyalty program being listed in a mobile wallet will increase your visibility

The wallet app could have numerous loyalty programs listed. Each loyalty program for its own specific brand.

By your company being listed in the app and other companies in your area are listed in the app with their loyalty programs there is a greater chance for them to see your company and sign up for your loyalty program as well. This is called the network effect.

Greet the customer using their name

Most loyalty programs can provide the customers name to the cashier when they scan their card or app. Have the cashier smile and greet the customer with their name. This creates a much more friendly experience for the customer.

When your customers sign up for the loyality app they give their contact information. When a loyalty program, gift card, or voucher is attached to the account it gives you access to that information when they come into your store. You can use that information to greet your customers and make them feel welcome.

Choose between two different types of Loyality programs with Loyality

Loyality gives you the choice of two different types of Loyality programs. A stamp card loyalty program or a points loyalty program. Whatever your rewards structure the loyality platform provides you with a quick way to get you a loyalty program so that you can get your customers to come back over and over again.

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Manage Your Loyalty Programs through the Merchant Portal

Loyality Merchant Portal has everything you need to process your Loyalty Program at the cash register.

Integrate With your Website or your POS System Using the API

We've provided a powerful api so that you can integrate Loyality with your website or POS System.

Use your Loyalty Program to open up Communications with your customers

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