Loyality's Advanced Gift Card System

Loyality provides 3 classifications of gift cards: E-gift cards, Physical Gift Cards, and Promotioanl Gift Cards

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Benefits of Loyality's Gift Card System

Neves Software Inc. built Loyality because we felt that how businesses use gift cards can have a major impact on their success. Right now, most businesses just sell gift cards to customers so that their customers can give people or their loved ones gifts. Gift cards sold this way have definitely been effective, the numbers prove it. The gift card industry is a $500 Billion industry worldwide. The US market size was 138 Billion in 2015 and grew to 149 Billion in 2017. Eighty percent of people who receive a gift card spend it within the first 60 days. This however begs the question: Can gift cards be effective marketing tools to drive traffic into your store.

The Loyality system was designed, to push gift cards to their fullest potential not only as a gift but as a promotional tool. Up until now, these instruments have been fundamentally limited to what they can do. The magnetic strip on these products has limited the form factor you can use. The use of QR codes on the Loyality platform does away with these limitations.

E-Gift Cards

E-Gifting is growing rapidly, and it was 7.1 billion in 2015 and has doubled in just 2 years to 14 billion which represents significant opportunity for retailers. Loyality is perfectly placed to allow merchants take advantage of E-Gifting technology. The Loyality platforms E-Gifting capabilities allows you and your customers to send an E-Gift card through email and SMS. These E-Gift Cards will then be added to the recipients installed Loyality app.

When you purchase E-Gift Cards for your business the cards will be queued up and created for your account almost immediately. You will be able to sell them through the Loyality app or through your cashiers at the checkout counter. The system allows you or your customers to add a personalized message to the email or sms message when you send them.

E-Gift cards are just like physical gift cards except they use no physical materials. No plastic, to paper, or cardboard. This makes them very environmentally friendly.

Physical Gift Cards

With all the promis of E-Gifting we understand that E-Gift cards are not ideal for every purpose. This is the reason we also provide Physical cards for sale. Like E-Gift Cards physical gift cards have a QR code attached to it. You decide what the front of the card will look like by providing the appropriate template when you order them. The order gets processed by our team and will have the gift cards sent to your business when they are printed.


Promotional Gift Cards

Given how prolific gift cards have become around the world; it is just logical that these instruments could be used for promotional purposes as well as being used as a purchasable gift. This is why we offer E-Gift Card campaigns that can send an individual a specified amount that can be spent in your establishment. this is an excellent way you to promote your business. This turns the e-gift card into a powerful marketing tool that your customers can use.

The Future of Gift Cards

Note that the Loyality app is not the only possible new form factor besides plastic cards. Don't miss out on what the future of this platform will bring. Sign up for Loyality today.