If you don't already have Gift Cards for your business then you are missing out.

Gift cards are big business world wide... But, if you choose the wrong gift card system it can seriously hinder your options when using them to promote your business. Here are some suggestions for improving your success with gift cards.

Save Big with the right gift card system

If you choose the wrong gift card system it will cost you big time. Many gift card systems are wrought with service fees and they really add up. Some of the fees charged by some other gift card providers include:

  • Setup Fees
  • System Access Fees
  • Magnetic Stripe Usage Fees
  • Cost of a graphics artist
  • Cost of actual gift cards.
  • Transaction Fees
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Location fees
  • User Fees

It doesn't need to be this way!!!

The reason why gift card providers charge so many fees is to pay for their bureaucracy. Why should you have to pay because they are so greedy?

By contrast Loyality just charges a one time fee for the gift card and then a commission for selling the gift cards in the app. No system access fees are charged and no transaction fees.

Make the gift card experience convenient for your customers

Its not always convenient for your customers to come into your establishment and buy a plastic gift card for someone.

Modern life makes people more busy these days and sometimes people are just looking for something fast and convenient.

While the ultimate goal of gift cards is to get people come into your establishment, people purchasing the gift might want to do something quick for the recipient! A great option is to have a way to send a gift card to their family or friends via email or sms.

Gift cards are generally spent as if they are a gift. 90% of gift card recipients spend their gift card within the first 60 days of the card being received.

Customer satisfaction for gift cards is also high. They are convenient and people like to receive them. So by not having gift cards in your business your just denying yourself a lucrative opportunity to make your customers happy.

E-gift cards are the ultimate convenience item.

E-gift cards can be added to the Loyality app just by clicking on a link received through email or an sms message. To add an e-gift card to the Loyality app the customer needs to know where to get the app. The loyality gift card system provides a link to the app page so that the recipient can download it from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

With e-gift cards you can sell gift cards 24/7 online through the app or your website.

Whats even more convenient is plastic gift cards on the Loyality system can be turned into e-gift cards by loading them into an app and reloaded whenever your customer wants. Your customers can read them in with the Loyality apps built in Gift Card reader.

This is not possible with typical magnetic stripe type gift cards that have been used in the big stores these days. Not everyone has a magnetic stripe reader at home to be able load your gift card into an app. But almost everyone does have a Camera on their phone, and that camera can read QR codes with the Loyality app installed.

Selling Gift Cards through a mobile wallet increases your visibility

When your customers download the Loyality app to store another merchants gift card it means they will see you in the app as well. You could wind up selling an E-gift card just for being in the app. How great is that?

Not only that, but E-gift cards on the Loyality platform cost much less then a physical gift card. That means greater savings and a higher profit for you!

Create and Update your gift card Template Designs to Serve your Needs

While there is plenty of opportunities to design a physical gift cards. There hasn't been much of a way to provide those designs inside a mobile app or even provide seasonal designs at Christmas or for holidays.

Being able to provide designs for physical and electronic gift cards is a very important opportunity for branding your business. An electronic gift card ought to have the same opportunities to brand as a physical gift card, and when your using the loyality platform you do.

With Loyality your graphics artist will be able to upload their design to the loyality platform and make changes at will.

Loyality has a gift card template editor so its never been easier to create new designs so that you can make sure that your gift card designs are perfect before you put them up for sale. It also lets you then take that design and order physical gift cards. The cards will look the same inside the app as they do as a physical item keeping things consistent.

Customize Your Gift Cards for the season

With Loyality you can customize your gift cards for the season, however, its best to be conservative with the number of physical gift cards you buy. Why would you want to keep selling your Christmas gift cards for half the year? Even worse, what if you don't sell them and then you have to keep them in a drawer till next year?

Wouldn't it be better if you could just order a small package of Christmas gift cards that is just big enough to fill your needs for the Christmas season then switch back to your your regular design?

Loyality was designed so that you can try out new ideas and make them work.

What if you wanted to offer different designs? Isn't it better to order small blocks of various designs? We have block sizes for gift cards as small as 50 gift cards. This will let you experiment with the system and it won't break the bank.

E-gift cards are even easier than physical gift cards. Your customers can choose whatever design they want on those and new designs don't cost you in additional printing.

Let your customers turn their physical gift cards into E-Gift Cards

Its a common complaint amongst people these days. Having all that plastic in their wallet. Inside their wallet your customers have:

  • Their drivers license
  • Numerous Credit Cards
  • Government ID
  • Library card
  • Their bank card
  • Their club card

They may not have room for your gift card or loyalty card as well.

So why not let them move that gift card onto their cell phone? For that you need a gift card system that supports it. You can't just use any old gift card. Chances are your cell phone isn't going to be able to read a magnetic stripe.

There are benefits to being able to load a plastic gift card into a mobile app:

  • your customers will be able to view their balance in real time.
  • your customers will be able to reload their gift card without coming into the store.
  • your customer will be able to get promotional messaging from you.

Gift cards used for promotional purposes need to be treated differently

One of the most powerful tools for promoting your business is to give a free gift card to some of your customers and let them spend it on whatever they want in your establishment.

However, accounting wise this type of gift use is treated differently. Gift cards for promotional purposes will be an expense in your books. But if you sell the gift card, to a customer, it is a liability.

Whether gift card is an expense or a liability means that the gift card needs to be treated differently. In some jurisdictions liability type of gift cards cannot expire the funds. Why because cash never expires and customers have paid you in cash for that gift card. On the other hand, promotional gift cards being an expense can be expired. Why? Because the customer hasn't paid you anything for that gift card.

Loyality gift card system treats gift cards differently based on whether they are an expense or a liability.

Promotional gift cards in the loyality system are attached to promotional campaigns. You can then send that campaign out through your messaging system which can push the campaign out over social media.

If your looking for a gift card management system that won't break the bank.

Then we know that there is something in the Loyality platform that can serve your needs. Sign up for Loyality today to get started.

Manage Your Gift Cards through the Merchant Portal

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Use your gift cards to open up Communications with your customers

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