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Benefits of the Loyality Mobile App

A new way for your customer to Interface with your company

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Why do your customers want to be on mobile?

Thats not the right question you should be asking. Your customers are already on mobile. The question is if your not on mobile then why aren't you?

Smart phones now out number computers by almost 500% making them a more valuable medium for contacting customers then computers. 80% of all adults now own a smart phone.

Your customers are not always siting on a computer. Chances are they are on the go. And spend little time in front of a computer which makes websites kind of pointless. But they do carry a smart phone with them and even have it with them when they come in to your store.

Mobile Wallet

The Loyality mobile wallet is a place for your customers to store their gift cards, vouchers, and loyalty programs. Instead of having a piece of plastic for each program sitting in their wallet, the mobile wallet stores your gift cards in electronic form and also enhances the capabilities of these items to improve your customers experience.

Enhancements that the mobile wallet provides include:

  • Checking the balance of a gift card
  • Checking the number of points in a points
  • Reload capabilities for gift cards
  • Add items through a link in an email or sms message
  • Add items by reading a QR code on your plastic gift card or on your voucher
  • One button auto signup for loyalty programs

Busness Directory

It's like a phone book but way cooler. Through the the Loyality business directory your customers can find your company via proximity to your location. They can base the search based on proximity to their home or thier phone GPS physical location. And can filter based on business category.

All companies in the app will have a location. Locations can be displayed in the location list and the map functionality showing your customers exactly where your locations are.

Through the business directory customers can also access the auto-sign up feature for your loyalty program or access the purchase screen so that they can buy either a gift card or voucher.

In App Purchases

Loyality's in app purchases allows you to sell gift cards and vouchers inside the app. Users can choose the amount that you set to load on a e-gift card and a template image that will appear in the app when they send the e-gift card. The customer can also send a custom message to the recipient along with the e-gift card.

Because we use stripe as the payment processor on the loyality system numerous benefits exist. First setting up in app purchases inside the app is easy from inside our merchant portal. And second the money is sent directly to your account through stripe less the commission we charge.

News Feed and Push Notifications

The Loyality app's news feed is an exciting technology. If a customer has a gift card, voucher, stamp card or points account you will be able to message them with promotions through a push notification or through a message in their news feed. This allows you to communicate to people who are most likely to be interested in your product.

The news feed will allow you to attach an image to a message and a promotional gift card or voucher. This means you can send out your promotion and offer incentives to get your customers to visit your establishment.