A Mobile Wallet App Provides A Place to Store your Customers Gift Cards, Vouchers and Loyalty Programs

Your probably wondering why you need to be part of a mobile wallet, but not having one in your business means your passing up some great opportunities to generate more business.

Here is why you need one, and what you need to do to get the most out of a mobile wallet.

With a mobile wallet app your customers take you everywhere they go

By being in the app your customers will take you with them no matter where they go because the app will be on their phone. If they are near by they will find one of your Locations by checking the apps business directory.

The platform has a way for you to enter in all your locations into the platform so that your customers know where you are when they need you.

Help your customers find your find your business

When a person downloads the mobile app they need to know which companies are participating. By listing your business locations inside the app your customers will find the closest location to them based on their devices GPS location or their home address. Even if your customers are not looking for a company that does what you do. They will see you in the app and the next time they are looking for what you offer they can refer back to the app and find your contact info and your locations.

When they find your business in the app they will be able to look at the vouchers, gift cards, and loyalty programs you have. This means you have an opportunity to gain a loyal customer that will come back over and over again.

We suggest having a very enticing offer listed so that the customer will see the offer and make a purchase and then come and visit your establishment.

Make it easy for your customers to store gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs on their mobile device.

The Loyality app lets your customers add your promotions to the apps digital wallet for later use at your establishment. This makes the product easy to find and quick to call up at the cash register saving your staff and your customers time. This ultimately saves you money.

There are several easy of ways available to your customers that lets them add items into the app:

  • Tapping on a link they received through a received email or SMS
  • Reading a physical gift card, voucher, or loyalty card QR code using the mobile devices camera.
  • Tapping on the Loyalty program auto sign up button beside your entry inside the business directory.

Make it easy for your customers to sign up to your loyalty program

One of the biggest problems with loyalty programs is getting people to part with their information. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Customer can't be bothered or doesn't want to take the time.
  • Customer doesn't want to get a tone of emails
  • Customer is confused by the sign up form.

The the mobile app the customer enters in their information once. Afterwords, everything they do in the app they use use the information they provided to provide them with service. They will then use one of the add methods to add items to the app and that item will then be tied to their account. This makes the signup process for your loyalty program, for instance, easy and painless. This eliminates one of the main barriers to your customers participation.

Once they've added an item to the app you can then send them notifications without clogging up their email through the apps news feed and push notification system.

Make it easy to buy and send gift cards and vouchers

When you go to a store the gift cards are usually displayed right near the cash register. Thats because gift cards tend to be an impulse buy. What most stores are doing by having placing gift cards there is is to remind their customer that they need to buy someone a gift. Could be for a birthday, Christmas or some other reason. This creates a last minute impulse to buy the card for that person.

The cash register, however, is not the only place where you can serve customers when they have an impulse. The mobile app provides a wonderful opportunity to serve your customers during an impulse purchase by providing e-gift cards and vouchers that they can buy.

The E-gift cards and vouchers bought through the app are sent to another person through email or sms. Its fast and saves you money on postage.

E-gift cards are less expensive for you as the merchant than physical gift cards because there is no printing necessary.

They can be sent and contain whatever template the customer chooses. Your customers can even attach a message to the email or sms message containing the gift card or voucher allowing them to personalize their gift.

Take advantage of the enormous opportunity mobile gives you to make more sales.

If your not part of the mobile app it means your missing out on a chance to make more sales. 90% of adults have a mobile phone today. So that means your missing out on a chance to talk to 90% of the population and offer them what your company provides.

With a mobile app selling to your customers vouchers and gift cards you can serve them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The customer takes the app everywhere they go on their phone. It doesn't weigh anymore then if they didn't have the app on their phone so it doesn't cost them anything for that convenience. At any time they can pull their mobile device out and buy a gift card or a voucher.

It also means that they are almost guaranteed to have that gift card or voucher on them the next time they visit your establishment.

Let your customers reload their gift cards

Chances are you've seen customers buy a gift card before. Most of the time, however, those customers just toss the gift card when they are done with it. Its a gift card after all and it usually is given away as a gift. However, this use is expensive for a merchant to keep having to supply gift cards and really takes away from some of the more novel uses of a gift card.

A way to get more use out of the gift cards that you sell is to allow people to reload their gift cards through the app.

There are many reasons why your customers would want to reload their gift cards. For instance, a parent may want to provide lunch money for their kid but doesn't want their kid to have money because they are having trouble with a bully. By providing that kid with a plastic gift card and also loading the gift card into their digital wallet the parent could then load the gift card up for their kid to use at a local restaurant or store.

Another use could be an employer who wants to offer rewards to their employees for a job well done. By loading an employee gift card into their wallet they can reload the gift card as a reward for their employee.

Stay in touch with people who have your gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs

When promoting your business knowing who is interested in hearing your messaging is a difficult problem to solve. If you do know then you save will a huge amount of money when promoting your business. It means that you can send promotions to all those people and someone will take advantage of the promotions.

A mobile wallet app that provides promotional messaging service provides this exact capability. A customer who has mobile wallet installed on their mobile device and has your gift card, vouchers, or loyality program stored in the wallet has already shown that they are interested in your product. So why not give them that extra tug by sending them promotional messages to see if they will come in sooner.

Simplify your business by using Loyality

If your familiar with mobile technology by now your probably asking "Apple and Google already have mobile wallets why do I need this one?" The answer to that question is simplicity. Apple and Google are both competing to get the biggest market share of the cell phone market. This constant competition really creates a situation where both companies have different technologies for mobile wallets. A company supporting those wallets has to maintain each platform and changes to these platforms can come at any time.

What does all this mean for you? This creates a situation where it is very difficult to keep up with the changes in their technology. Participating in a mobile wallet means you don't have to concentrate on technology changes. The wallet provider handles that for you and either uses technologies that are common to both Android and Apple or tries to get the differing technologies to behave the same.

With the Loyality platform, we have opted to have a system that works the same on both platforms. Our goal is to ensure an identical user experience on both platforms.

The Loyality app is an easy way for you to keep in touch with your customers.

If your a business looking to be part of a gift card, voucher, or loyalty program platform we know that there will be something in this platform that will work for your company. So why not give it a try. Just click on the signup button at the top and sign up for Loyality.

Manage Your Customer Relationships Merchant Portal

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Integrate With your Website or your POS System Using the API

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Use you the Loyality App to open up Communications with your customers

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