When the merchant portal just isn't going to
get the job done there is the loyality POS API.

Here is how you can take advantage of the Loyality POS Api to build gift card, voucher, and loyalty capabilities into your business software solutions.

Use the POS API to integrate gift card and voucher sales into your website.

So you want to start selling e-gift cards or vouchers on your website. Sure you could just send physical gift cards by mail. But that will just cost you in terms of postage and paying staff to fill those orders. I'm sure your customers would be perfectly happy waiting weeks for their gift card or voucher to come in the mail.


You could send the gift card or voucher instantaneously from your website to your customers or whom ever they wish to send the gift card or voucher to through email or sms.

E-gift cards and vouchers on the Loyality platform cost far less than physical gift cards. And when you sell gift cards through your shopping cart on your website you are not charged a commission for the sale of the card like you are in the Loyality app.

All you pay is a one time fee for the block e-gift cards you buy. We don't charge transaction fees or system access fees like other companies do.

If however, you decide to do it yourself without a system like Loyality it will be prohibitively expensive as we've done most of the leg work for you when it comes to tracking these products.

Use the POS Api to integrate the Loyalty programs into your websites shopping cart and keep your customers coming back

Your online customers might want to collect loyalty points too. Or they may want their stamp card stamped when they by something on your website. However, building such incentive systems yourself will take a long time and is very expensive. This is why we built Loyality in the first place. Why not use Loyality as we that has done all the hard work already for you?

The POS api provides the ability to integrate all the Loyality's loyalty programs into your website or POS system. You could even add a QR code reader to your site and have your website read the QR codes just like the loyality Merchant Portal.

Use the POS API to integrate gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs into your POS system

Lets face it developing an app that provides gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs is a great deal of work. Not only do you have to develop the app. You need to submit it the app store or google play store. You need to adhere to apple and googles guidelines. For a small merchant to do that it takes time and money to develop the app then submit it to app store, and then you need to market that app and get people to use it. Then you don't have the benefits of the network effect that a shared app like Loyality will give you in the long run. Such benefits will only come from an app that has a community of merchants all doing the same thing.

The Loyality POS API is a REST API that is designed to allow you to tie our system into your POS System. This way you can add features into your POS system to:

  • Issue, credit and redeem gift cards
  • Issue and redeem vouchers
  • Issue points accounts and credit or redeem points
  • Issue loyality stamp cards, stamp loyalty cards, and then redeem them

Integrate with your POS system at all your locations to be able to track your progress right across your organization

Loyality provides the ability to track progress of your promotional products across every location and even track which cashiers made which transactions. This feature is also built into the api. Meaning you can generate metrics for each location and even each cashier in your organization.

Use plugins to incorporate the POS API into various platforms

Many companies don't have the time or the resources to develop their own integration into their Website or POS system. However, those companies still have the need for the POS API and cannot depend on the merchant portal alone for their business needs. So its best to find a platform that gives them options.

Some very good options which reduces the need for software development is to use plugins. We've already developed a plugin for Woocommerce for use in Wordpress which incorporates the POS API and allows you to sell Loyality e-gift cards and vouchers through your own website. However, we plan on improving the Woocommerce plugin and developing other plugins for other platforms so that you have more options to use our system in your business.

Looking to integrate an API into your website or POS System?

Loyality's api is a rest api designed for easy integration into your system. Loyality can easily be integrated into your software systems and get you going. Sign up to the system and you can get going right away.

Manage Your Promotional Products through the Merchant Portal

Loyality Merchant Portal has everything you need to process your gift cards at the cash register.

Setup a stripe account to sell more gift cards and vouchers

Loyality provides the ability to setup a stripe account so that you can take payments inside the app. You can setup your stripe account inside the merchant portal by visiting the settings page.

Use the Loyality app to open up Communications with your customers

Find out how you can use your Loyality to open up a communications channel where you can send them event and promotional information