Neves Software Inc.

About US

Loyality was created by Neves Software Inc. A small software company with a dream to make a difference and help the small business communities grow. Philip Neves, founder and owner of Neves Software Inc. started Neves Software with the belief that technology is a double edged sword. It can do harm if thats the side we nurture when we build products and services. However, It can also do and increadible amount of good as well.

As a result of this fundamental point of view. Philip has been focusing on trying to create software and systems to do good in the world. When he started creating Loyality for instance he took care not to create something that was designed to take peoples jobs away. He wanted to create something that helped companies make more in profits so that they can afford to hire more people and contribute to the overall economy.

The fundamental guiding principle of Neves Software Inc. is reflected in our corporate value statement. That principle is respect:

  • Respect for our customers
  • Respect for our community
  • Respect for our employees
  • Respect for our environment

A Word From Our Founder

I founded Neves Software Inc. out of a deep need to work on something that is creative, that has impact, and that betters our communities. This has become my mission. The company has my name on it. That is my promise to build the best possible technology for my customers to use. That is my guarantee. I don't want my name dragged through the mud so It is also my mission.

Plans for the Future

Loyality is the first phase of a multiphase project that involves bridging the gap between business and our communities. The goal is to create and expand not only this platform but a series of inter connected projects that will expand and increase opportunites in our communities all over the world. It is our believe that by creating more business opportunites for small businesses we can create communities that are more resilient and immune to economic slowdown.

We believe that the key to the success of our platform and our communities is to promote diversity. Not only diversity in our communities but in the market place as well. The most effective way to promote diversity is to promote small business ownership.