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Loyality mobile marketing platform. gift cards, vouchers, loyalty, mobile messaging

When promoting your business it can be really hard to cut through the noise.

In a modern world with so many other companies vying for your customers attention, wouldn't it be nice to know which people are open to your messaging?

This is the issue Loyality was designed to address. Loyality integrates, gift cards, vouchers, loyalty programs and messaging into a single easy to use system so that when you go to send your customers promotional messages you are speaking specifically to the people who are most likely to come back to your business.

Benefits of the Loyality Mobile App

The Loyality mobile app is available in the Apple app store and Google Play store. It has four main functions that allow your customers to stay in the know whenever you push out news about your business. They are as follows:

  • GPS Based Business directory
  • Mobile wallet
  • Newsfeed
  • Purchasing System
Loyality mobile app is in the app store.
Loyality mobile app is in the google play store.
Loyality mobile app screenshot
GPS Business directory lets your customers find you quickly.

Get included in our Business Directory

Loyality's GPS based business directory allows your customers to find the closest location for your business and lets them know where it is. Through the business directory feature, your customers can also send your location an email or even call you. It's like a phone book that knows where you are so that it can show your customers exactly how to get there.

Being in the directory is free and helps bring in new customers. Customers from other businesses in your local community will also be able to find your business through the business directory. They will be able to instantly see the deals you offer through our vouchre and gift card purchase screen. If you have a loyality program they will be able to sign up with the tap of a button.

Don't miss out on the advantages if being included in the Loyality app. Even if you use no other part of the system this feature makes it very worthwhile to sign up for Loyality.

Mobile Wallet

Loyality's mobile wallet allows your customers to store their gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs on their phone. By installing the Loyality app your customers don't have to go searching through their purse to find a plastic gift card, or through their email to find a voucher.

The gift cards, vouchers, and loyalty programs are conveniently stored inside the app allowing for quick lookup. This saves you and your customers time at the till allowing you to serve more customers when things get busy.

Getting the gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs are easy to get into the wallet. For virtual gift cards, the customer can just click on the link in the email, or SMS message if they are using SMS. If the customer wants to add a physical item to their wallet they can use the QR code reader built into the app. For loyalty programs, there is an auto sign up for points accounts and loyalty stamp cards as well.

By having a customer with your gift card, voucher, or loyalty program inside their mobile wallet you ensure that the next time your customer makes a purchase there is a greater chance your company won't get overlooked.

To sign up to Loyality just click on:

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Loyality mobile wallet stores gift cards, vouchers, loyalty points accounts, and loyalty stamp cards
Loyality news feed helps you talk directly to your customers.

News Feed

Loyality provides a novel way for you to inform your customers about what's happening in your business through our news feed service. Customers who already have a connection to your company through a loyalty program or ownership of a gift card or ownership of a voucher will be more receptive to your messaging since they already have a connection to your company.

The news feed is a feature-rich messaging system. Allowing you to send images, and even gift card promotions, and voucher promotions through the feed. This allows you to use the rest of the system to promote your business in a more effective way.

The news feed will show the message inside the Loyality app, but will also generate push notifications and posts to social media sites like Twitter, and Tumblr. And it also allows you to push out offers using our gift card system and our voucher system.

In-App Purchases

Loyality's in-app purchases are where we help you sell gift cards and vouchers. Our system is different from other Voucher companies in that you set the prices of the vouchers. The same is true with the gift cards. You create the amounts of the gift cards that you want to sell.

Loyality is designed to maximize your freedom when it comes to using our system to conduct business making it a powerful tool that you can use to build your business. The payments are handled through Stripe. We have a quick and easy setup process for handling credit card payments that you can set up through the settings screen in our merchant portal. The payment processing is safe and secure and your customer's credit card information never touches our servers which keeps your customer's information safe.

Through the in-app purchase capability, your customers can send out gift cards and vouchers designed with your own custom templates. They can also reload their gift cards through the app as well.

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Loyality merchant portal has a built in qr reader that can be accessed by a mobile device.

Merchant Portal

So that you can administer your account Neves Software Inc. has created a powerful and easy to use merchant portal. The Loyality merchant portal is really the heart of the system. This is where you as a merchant are able to manage your services and the merchant portal provides much of the functionality to interact with your customers.

Loyality offers the opportunity to provide a highly branded experience where your virtual gift cards have the same design flexibility as physical gift cards. The platform features a powerful template editor where you can upload designs and even edit them for both gift cards and vouchers. You also have the option of uploading stamp designs for your digital stamp cards, and even your logo that gets displayed when one of your products are listed in our app.

Through the merchant portal, your staff can issue gift cards, vouchers, stamp cards, and even points account right through your staff's account. They can issue both physical and virtual gift cards, so the mobile app is not the only way your customers can purchase cards. They can process transactions on gift cards, redeem vouchers, stamp loyalty cards, and issue or redeem points accounts. All that is needed to use this system is a computer or mobile device with a camera although you can also use a barcode scanner that can read QR codes as well. No other special hardware is required. Making the system extremely easy to integrate into your business.

Loyality provides features for tracking your staff's transactions at the till and can even track the transactions at multiple locations. With the merchant portal, you can create sub-accounts so that each location or staff member has a unique login. It also offers a quick change feature in case you only have one computer terminal and have to switch cashiers quickly. A feature that is especially useful for small merchants during busy periods.

Loyality offers the services in an Ala-carte fashion. Meaning, you only pay for what you use. There are a variety of package sizes for items such as gift cards and vouchers. You have your choice of two loyalty programs, points based or stamp card for which you can purchase subscriptions.

You can use a barcode scanner with loyality through the keyboard wedge.
Gift card

Why Loyality Gift Cards

Neves Software Inc. built Loyality because we felt that we can make major improvements to how gift cards are used in a business. Right now most businesses just sell gift cards to customers so that they can give the gift cards as a gift. Gift cards sold in this way has definitely been effective. The numbers prove it. The gift card industry is a $500 Billion industry worldwide. The US market size was 138 Billion in 2015 and grew to 149 Billion in 2017. Eighty percent of people who receive a gift card spend it within the first 60 days.

E-Gifting is growing rapidly and it was 7.1 billion in 2015 and doubled in just 2 years to 14 billion and represents a significant opportunity for retailers. Loyality is perfectly placed to allow merchants to take advantage of E-Gifting technology.

Given how prolific gift cards have become around the world it is just logical that these instruments could be used for promotional purposes as well as being used as a purchasable gift. Also, there is no reason why such promotions couldn't be done using E-Gifting as well as physical gift cards.

The Loyality system was designed to push gift cards to their fullest potential not only as a gift but as a promotional tool. Up until now, these instruments have been fundamentally limited in what they can do. The magnetic strip on these products has limited the form factor you can use. The use of QR codes on the Loyality platform does away with these limitations the most prominent new form factor being the Loyality app. But the Loyality app is not the only possible new form factor besides plastic cards. Don't miss out on what the future of this platform will bring. Sign up for Loyality today.

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80% of gift cards are spent in the first 60 days.
80% of gift cards are spent in the first 60 days.
Loyality voucher campaigns are inexpensive to run and maximize your flexibility.

Why Loyality for your vouchers

The worldwide market for vouchers was 16 billion in 2014. In 2019, 31 Billion vouchers are expected to be redeemed. 68% of consumers believe that vouchers build brand awareness.

The voucher market has been awash of the myth about group buying. The myth is perpetuated by the idea that if enough people bought enough of an item from a retailer that they would see an increase in cost savings. Resulting in competitors in the voucher space would often get companies to reduce the price by as much as half the price of an item sold and then charge a commission on that greatly reduced price. The benefits of this technique didn't materialize though as many companies have lost money on vouchers using that business model.

Loyality is different. We understand that the discounts given by a company cannot mean that the price cannot be lower than the cost. We believe that vouchers are a tool that a merchant can use to drive more sales. That's why we charge a flat rate on the vouchers you purchase. You can set whatever price you want to sell the vouchers on our system and even issue them through your store. We also offer the ability for you to create promotional vouchers that have expiration dates that you can give away for free. Sort of as a coupon. Our goal is to offer you, the merchant, value in providing you with the tools you need to build your business. You can also purchase various voucher block sizes based on your needs and you can use our template editor to design your own template designs.

Loyality's voucher system gives you a great deal of flexibility with what you can do with it. For instance, to keep customers coming back you can offer a voucher to get a free item from your establishment. Or you can sell an item at a much-reduced price. The voucher system allows you the flexibility to push specific items offered by your business that you wish to push.

With Loyality's system, instead of paying huge commission-based transaction fees, here your just charged for a block of vouchers when you go to set up your promotional campaign. You do have to pay the payment processor charges for anything sold inside the app. But other then the voucher price we don't charge a commission. Our goal is to make up for any amount we would make on a commission based on volume.

loyality provides points and stamp card loyalty programs.

Why Loyality for your Loyalty Program

Industry reports that 61% of small businesses generate more than 51% of their sales from repeat customers rather than new customers. Yet 66% of small businesses, do not have a loyalty program at all. Of the 34% that do have a loyalty program only 46% of those are electronic. Whether a loyalty program is electronic or not can also have an effect on how people perceive you. A study by 451 Research found that 45% of respondents would choose to shop at stores with mobile loyalty programs over stores that didn't offer them.

With Loyality you have the choice of two different types of loyalty programs. A points program or an electronic stamp card program. The loyalty program that you subscribe for becomes your branded loyalty program meant to bring customers back to your establishment so that they can spend more. The app makes it easy for your customers to sign up and keep track of several different loyalty programs each one branded to their respective company.

If you are in business and you don't have a loyalty program, then you are potentially missing out on a wonderful opportunity to get repeat customers. Keep in mind it costs 10 – 20 times more to get a new customer then it does to retain an existing one. A loyalty program from Loyality can help you retain your customers and get them coming back.

61% of businesses generate more than 51% of their sales through repeat business.
61% of businesses generate more than 51% of their sales through repeat business.
loyality provides points and stamp card loyalty programs.

Don't miss out on what this cutting edge technogogy can bring your business. Together we can sniff out new business opportunities.

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